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End of a cracking day. Went through all the emotions. Nerves beyond belief, no confidence, no idea what I was doing… GOD IT FELT GOOD TO BE BACK ON SET!! I Felt truly alive for the first time in ages! #Actor @MacFarlaneChard





I can’t put into words how I feel about what has happened to #SarahEverard I didn’t know her but I feel empty and such shame that once again a man has inflicted such pain onto a woman. I’m just disgusted. Things have to change to protect women.


To all the women out there, Let’s celebrate you and all you do. #InternationalWomensDay 


Happy World book day!




The year seems to be kicking off, three self tape auditions in last few weeks. Some exciting projects so asking the universe to do its thing and grant me my wish.

Stay positive people! #Actor


Like so many of us, my family has been touched by this terrible disease. We must all keep donating and working hard to find a cure and support ALL of those suffering and those who have lost love ones. #WorldCancerDay


Sending love to EVERYONE today! WE CAN DO THIS! Stay Strong, Stay active and if you need to talk reach out to someone. There is always someone who will listen. It’S ok not to be ok


Before the day passes by and we say Goodbye to this awful year, I want to say a Big Thank you to all of you that have reached out, said a kind word, wrote a kind message or have generally been there for me this year. My life is at a crossroads career wise like many actors & the road still looks unclear. This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and internal struggle. I have felt like a failure and worthless but remembered a line from “It’s a Wonderful Life” – “No man is a failure who has Friends” I’ve held onto this and it has kept me looking forward to what could lay ahead.

So thank you! And remain positive, never give up on your dream!

I wish you ALL who follow me or by chance reading this thread a Fruitful and Prosperous New Year. #Actor @MacFarlaneChard #2021goals


Ok now that’s it! I’ve had it! 2020 ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You’ve taken too many that we cherish. So so sad to read this morning. Now rest Babs and Thank you x #BarbaraWindsor




A Million times YES.

You may all of seen it but I keep watching this on loop! #ChrisPriceDahlgren #MorethanViable #Indispensable



Amazon add I shot this year is now being aired in TV. Had a wonderful experience Filming.

My Amazon “AWS” Famiy



Sorry for the absence, things are all a little strange at the moment. We as an industry, as a culture are dying, a slow, painful death. Without the arts this country would be nothing and our lives would not be as rich or layered as they are. I’m dumbfounded by the f**kwits that run this country and the ignorance they bask in.

Can they not see that this country revolves around THE ARTS!! They beat the drum when it suits but as a profession all of us are deemed not viable. NOT VIABLE! Who the hell do they think they are?

Artists ARE viable.

Artists ARE sustainable.

Artists ARE trained.

Artists ARE culture.

Artists ARE Britain.

Artists ARE being left behind…

We must act now!!


Incredibly sad to wake to the news of the passing of #ChadwickBoseman Such a talented actor.

Rest Well



If your looking for more theatre to watch go to @tamashatheatre website and catch the brilliant #approachingempty by @IshyDin and directed by #PoojaGhai A look at the effect Thatchers Britain and her death had on the working classes. A Brilliant turn also by @NickhanLDN 👏🏽👏🏽

On the @tamashatheatre website you can also find a donate button to help in their future. Give what you can during this terrible time and help to #SaveTheArts



Just taken delivery of my #Mask from @theatre_support Amazing service for an amazing cause. Go to the theatresupportfund.co.uk to get yours and a number of other things and support the arts!! #theshowmustgoon!


Winners!! #GiriHaji

More news:

Only Two days to go to Stream our wonderful production curtesy of @NTLive & @NottmPlayhouse

Please donate too if you can!

Text NTATHOME 10 to 70085 to donate £10

Text NTATHOME 20 to 70085 to donate £20

Text NOTTS 10 to 70085 to donate £10

Text NOTTS 20 to 70085 to donate £20


I was asked to speak to Podcast Jake Leonard and Missing an Audience. See below

For our first episode, we’re joined by @anjoshi7 He tells us all about #TheMadnessOfGeorgeIII @NottmPlayhouse @NTLive (available @YouTube) promotes @RainbowsHospice & gives a rallying cry for the protection of the arts at this very difficult time. m.soundcloud.com/user-549459053…


Another of our regional theatre needs our help. @ExeterNorthcott I have spent a great deal of time working for and at The Northcott, it’s a wonderful place with great staff. It desperately needs our help. Follow the link to donate what you can! exeternorthcott.co.uk


A building that has my heart and a group of people I hold so dear. @NottmPlayhouse needs our help! Please watch our video and PLEASE give what you can towards their #CurtainUp Appeal #TheMadnessOfGeorgeIII

Today on Twitter a little something I recorded in support of Jermyn Street Theatre. You can find all the previous Sonnets on their Twitter page and Instagram.

Some famous faces, and new graduates tackling The Bard.


4/6/20 – Another Announcement!

So delighted to let you all know about the next National Theatre at Home title released #TheMadnessOfGeorgeIII by Alan Bennett, @NottmPlayhous, with @Markgatiss, Adrian Scarborough and Debra Gillett and our amazing cast! If you missed us first time be sure to catch us this time, It’s streaming for free from 11 June

4/6/20 – Amazing News for @sbaigcasting (Giri/Haji) and @laurendevans (Sex Education) on their nods. Much deserved for two amazing projects, Also massive congrats to all @sisterglobal @JoeBarton_ @julianfarino @benchessell

The cast and crew of #GiriHaji for best Drama nod @BAFTA. @hira_takehiro for his nod as Lead actor and #WillSharpe for his supporting nod. Amazing news for a great programme!


28/5/20 – Lockdown update.

Loaded onto my spotlight page is a little voice reel that I recorded before the lockdown hit.

Feel free to go listen.

24/5/20 – #EidMubarak to everyone celebrating


A little something I’ve contributed to for @tamashatheatre for the #NHSLove project. Have a watch and go to the Tamasha YouTube channel and enjoy a lot more RT

9/3/20 – To my Followers who are celebrating today! #HappyHoli #Hindu #festivalofcolours

Happy Holi!!

12/2/20 – ‪Can’t believe it’s been as long as this since this photo! 4 YEARS!! and look how far you have ALL come since! Amazing to think I got to share this time with you @PixieLott @melabarrie @CharlieDemelo @siobhan_cb WHAT STARS YOU ARE ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #BreakfastatTiffanys ‬

29/1/20 – Cracking day in the studio recording my #Voicereel Massive Thanks to @HuwParmenter and #Trii for all their help! #PowerDuo Can’t wait to get it out there!! #actor @MacFarlaneChard

My brief appearance in Episode 1 of the New series of “Sex Education” on Netflix Uk. 👀

My New 2020 Showreel

Andrew Joshi Showreel 2020

3/1/20 – Last official day of the holidays (though have been busy writing today) then it’s time to get back to it! Hoping 2020 tops 2019 in terms of career progress. PMA going forward! If you want it, go get it! #Actor @MacFarlaneChard

25/12/19 – A very Merry Christmas to all that follow this page. Thank you all for your support and kind words during 2019.

I hope to bring more news of New adventures in 2020. May the New Year be a fruitful one for you all.

Much love

Joshi x

18/12/19 – so so proud to be have been part of two of the shows on this list #GiriHaji #YearsandYears https://t.co/GadTO8iOHp?amp=1

17/12/19 – Got back on the horse today! Acting gods! Work your magic! #actor #jobbing #auditions #newhorizons @MacFarlaneChard

5/12/19 – The day has come for all you weekly watchers of #girihaji Tonight is the final beautiful episode of this stunning drama. Much thanks goes out to @sisterpicstv @sbaigcasting @julianfarino & @benchessell for allowing me to be involved, been a privilege. #actor @MacFarlaneChard

2/12/19 – The dust is beginning to settle on our wonderful adventure. What a treat #TheLovelyBones was. A massive Thank you to all the staff @ChichesterFT and the audiences who came to see us last week for making our time so special. Will live long in the memory. I’ll miss this crazy bunch!

30/11/19 –

The sun is setting on another job, and one I will hold very dear, along with the incredible friends I’ve made on this production.
12 of the most talented and glorious people who have made this experience unforgettable from start to finish. Not only that, to have worked with the incredible Bryony Lavery and the sublime Melly Still has been a dream!

This has truly been an ENSEMBLE show and one I am so proud to have been part of.

The passion and love for the story and the work has never wavered, the constant striving for truth has been astonishing.
I feel blessed to have shared it with them and to call them my friends. Sorry for the gushy nature but it needed to be said.
Thank you to all who came out to see this incredible show. Now to look for new horizons!

29/11/19 – This woman! What can I say?! Such a joy to see you and hear about your incredible news Karen Spicer and so touched you travelled to see us in Chichester. Thank you Thank you! #TheLovelyBones

28/11/19 – If your watching #girihaji week to week you only have two to go! Tune in tonight for the penultimate episode on @BBC 2 9pm @benchessell @blue___mmm @hira_takehiro @tonypaulway @thetonypitts @sbaigcasting #WillSharpe #JamieDraven #KellyMacdonald

27/11/19 – Such a special feeling to see this incredible woman after so many years. (I think it’s 17 years) She will kill me for posting this picture but Cherry Menlove you are dream and you haven’t changed a bit. So much love to you and your family and Thank you for coming to support us in Chic! #TheLovelyBones #Friends #CSSD

A little late posting this one but the catch up theme continues, what a joy it was to catch up in Guildford with my dear friend Waiyee Poon Jones Was lovely to reminisce on old Central days. #TheLovelyBones

26/11/19 – Our last week 😢 #TheLovelyBones

A gathering from a few weeks ago! Such a great evening, with wonderful friends, @hackneyempire and a meeting of two shows! #MadnessofGeorgeIII #TheLovelyBones #Actor #Touring

17/11/19 –

Continuing the catch up theme! I was blessed with the lovely Lisa Hawthorn and her mum tonight in Oxford. So so touched you made the journey and so happy you enjoyed the show.

I was also the lucky person to have my gorgeous wife Louise Joshi, my sis in law Laura and Harry come to the matinee. Been a great day!

‪A truly wonderful week @OxfordPlayhouse with #TheLovleyBones Brilliant audiences all week. Thank you to all the staff including Paddy the Wonder Dog 🐶for making us so Welcome. A truly special city and Theatre. 2 Weeks left!! 😢 @YvonneArnaud we are coming for you!! ‬

Now to rest!

12/11/19 – Another joyous afternoon spent with old friends. So lovely to catch up in Oxford with the beaut Marrianne Young. Been over 12 years, which is far too long #MeltonDays #BTEC #Friends

11/11/19 –

Lest we forget

10/11/19 – A lovely week @camartstheatre for #TheLovelyBones. Brilliant audiences, lots of Culture, a first cover track ✅ Karaoke 🎤 Will live long in the memory. Thank you to all the crew @camartstheatre Tomorrow @OxfordPlayhouse we are coming for you!

8/11/19 – A massive thank you to the Incredible cast of #TheLovelyBones tonight @camartstheatre for helping me through my first cover track of the tour #RaySingh and also to the amazing audience for their kindness.

8/11/19 – Good to catch up with Old Friends on tour, doesn’t help he hasn’t aged in the 12 years since I’ve seen him! 17 years since Tomb Raider, where has the time gone, Mark Hampton?

20/10/19 – What a week we had @HackneyEmpire this week with #TheLovelyBones Thank you to all the staff for making us so welcome and to all of you who came out to support us. You ALL know who you are!

The list of legends that have stood on this stage in front of this gorgeous auditorium is endless. Über proud to now say I have played the @hackneyempire !!! Come and see us if you are free this week. #TheLovelyBones plays till Friday, quote LOVELY20 when booking!

27/10/19 – A deserved day off for #TheLovelyBones Cast after a great week @Rosetheatre Thank you to all the staff for looking after us and making us so Welcome. Next stop from tomorrow @HackneyEmpire Get your tickets and come and see our brilliant show. You won’t be disappointed

21/10/19 – Well what can I say other than Wow! So so proud to have been a wee part of #GiriHaji Beautiful, moving and Innovative! A must watch for you all! Thank you to @sbaigcasting @julianfarino and @benchessell for the opportunity. Stunning performances from all!

20/10/19 – End of a great week for #TheLovelyBones gang @The_Lowry Wonderful audiences. Personal note snot central! 🤧Thank you to all the staff and crew. Next week @Rosetheatre Kingston, from Tuesday. Come and see us!

17/10/19 – Today is the day! 9pm @BBC #GiriHaji @sisterpicstv @sbaigcasting @JoeBarton_ @julianfarino @hira_takehiro @tonypaulway @thetonypitts @MacFarlaneChard

13/10/19 – Thank you to the amazing staff and audiences @TheatreRNorwich for a truly wonderful week on #TheLovelyBones We loved our visit, now to rest and prepare for @The_Lowry from Tuesday. Salford and Manchester folk we are coming for you!

10/10/19 – It is World Mental Health Day: reach out today to those you know that need to talk. If you are struggling, Remember it’s ok, and find someone to talk to. #Worldmentalhealthday19

9/10/19 Couldn’t have described our show any better myself!! #TheLovelyBones #Norwich

6/10/19 – Home after a lovely, if not a little wet, week @ExeterNorthcott with #TheLovelyBones. Thank you to all the staff, and to all the audience members who came out to support this special show. @TheatreRNorwich we will see you on Monday!!

1/10/19 – Great first night @ExeterNorthcott for #LovelyBones hoping for a little less rain ☔️ in Devon today though. All you Exeter folk get yourselfs down to the Northcott and come and see us! You won’t regret it!

28/9/19 It’s coming keep your eyes peeled #GiriHaji

25/9/19 -‪I hope your as gripped as I am with #TheCapture on @BBC Catch all aired Episodes on @BBCiPlayer Below is a still from last nights Ep 👀 #actor @MacFarlaneChard ‬

22/9/19 – Birmingham Rep ✅That’s another Venue off my list. Been a dream. Tour begins in Earnest on Tuesday at The Theatre Royal Notts. #TheLovelyBones