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It’ a Wonderful Life 

“But the Foottit Oscar goes to Andrew Joshi, who brings the much-loved American to life so realistically, he’s surely from the States himself, thought I. However, a quick Google tells me he’s from Leicester – or hot diggity, Lie-cester as George would say”

Jackie Foottit – North West End 2017

“Of course, It’s A Wonderful Life can’t work without a superb central performance from the actor playing George and, here, Smith plays an ace card. Andrew Joshi quickly dispels any trace of James Stewart from the role and makes George a wonderfully rounded, utterly real character, complete with temper, rashness and loss of control, as well as the expected generosity of spirit, indulgent kindness and devoted love”

“By making George whole, Joshi elevates the entire production and eliminates any sense of schmaltzy nostalgia. When he rails on his child’s teacher and his adoring wife, it seems real, a part of his character always present but never previously required. Equally, he makes the interactions with Benson, fantastical as they are, seem normal, truthful, tangible. Joshi really is exceptional”
Stephen Collins – Live Theatre Uk 2017

“I don’t often do this but @anjoshi7 is giving a splendid performance in It’s a Wonderful Life, nuanced, detailed, articulate and deeply moving. A privilege and pleasure to work with I will be eternally grateful. Thank you”

Jake Smith – Director of It’s a Wonderful Life

Andrew Joshi makes the role his own, choosing not to in any way imitate or mimic James Stewart. Instead Joshi brings a huge emotional depth to the part, in many ways making George a more rounded human being, with his demons on show or bubbling under, ready to explode as his frustrations of never quite being able to leave Bedford Falls build to a climax.

While I would never criticise Stewart – one of my favourite actors – there is something about Joshi’s physically and emotionally animated performance that is truly spellbinding. Not to mention him nailing the accent perfectly.

Karl Hornsey – Yorkshire Magazine 2017

The Railway Children

“Andrew Joshi equally charming as both the Doctor and Father”


“There were a few really solid performances in the film, however Andrew Joshi was the standout. Despite saying little or nothing throughout the film, it is his performance that sticks in my mind a few days after watching the short”

“Joshi provided quite a symbolic presence, and allowed the audience to come up with their own interpretations of what had happened, and what was about to happen. They say that less is more – something that was certainly the case with Joshi’s performance”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

“Andrew Joshi’s Yunioshi, the photographer, is spot on and adds to the dramatic effect of the recounting of the story”

The Review Hub (Milton Keynes)

“Andrew Joshi impressed as the put-upon photographer”

Cheeky little mention!

2015 Curve Theatre Leicester

A Number 

Churchill’s terse dialogue is matched by Andrew Joshi’s spare studio set which allows the audience to focus on the all-important thoughts and feelings. Without the distraction of music and special effects, you can hear the minds thinking.

This is theatre of ideas at its best: fluid, fast and provocative. Rating *****

Beyond Midnight 

“Andrew Joshi is a charming companion to Princess Amanda as the Bird Boo” 

Reviews Gate


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  1. It was an absolute pleasure working with such a fine actor. Andrew Joshi is also my Leicester based Acting Coach, and it was an absolute dream working and learning from him. He gave a stellar performance and deserves to go onto bigger and better things…

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